Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dare to ask?

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This is for my Finnish blog Havaintoharha to dare my readers there to ask me any questions. :D If here someone feels to ask me something too, feel free - of course!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Operetta & Rochelle

Let's smile for camera together!


Valentine Star got a new head (Leeke World Luke), and I'm so happy. He is the only ABJ-doll which appereance and makeup I can change whenever I feel so. These are some of his pass looks:

 (DollZone Jina in 4 pictures, Drayton 2nd in the last one)

For the first makeup to the Luke-head I decided the color theme rainbow. Because I love colors and I love rainbows, and because he is Valentine. :D He had one rainbow-themed makeup at the year 2009:

And for the first time I did a sketch for the makeup:

I know the upper lip seems like drawed and it is (in the final doll makeup). I did it like last thing in the makeup, and when I tried to fix the black upper lip, some black color got stuck on the upper lip - and because light color versus black doesn't work, I had to change the plan. So I tried what would happen if I use some color pencils and that was the result.I don't know how I feel about the lower lip... but I think it someway matches for the rest of the makeup. :D

And here's some extra photos featuring my Cerberus Project Chiwoo, January (which color theme is gray):

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ode to a Doll

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This is the marketing banner for my blog. I'm sharing this in very different MH-communities. :D And yeah, there is a typo, but it's not that big that I would do all the picture swapping for it. I love the colours in this one. :D Picture is done in front of my computer (like many of my doll pictures), and instead I would put the background all black, I decided it's good this way. There is some nice texture like this. :) I tried whole black BG, but it was too blank.

In the picture is Monster High Sweet 1600 Draculaura. :D

Monday, June 11, 2012

MH-Mod Suru Ruusu & first post in this blog!

Hello, the ones who are reading this very first post in this blog!

I've blogged about a year now in my Finnish photography blog Havaintoharha and finally I thought I should try blogging in English! I say good luck to me and I hope this is going to live more than one post in a month, hehe.

This is going to be doll themed blog, but I MAY post some original pictures too, if I feel like. But just now this is going to be mainly a blog about fashion dolls and Asian ball jointed dolls.

But because this is my first blog post in here, let me also introduce the first "realistic" custom on Monster High doll. She is Death Tired Ghoulia:



First I tried to do the whole make up with color pencils, but OF COURSE DUH that didn't work. xD So I switched to acrylic paint, and in the eyes you can see the difference of the paint and the fail color pencils. The reason why I wanted to do the whole make up with pencils is because I'm afraid of using brushes, because my hand shakes alot. But, like I learned here, if you just keep doing, the hand stops shaking and you can do alot of good things in the face.

The second thing which I learned is not to use coat like you use them with BJD. If you use it as often and as much than with BJD's, the face ends up all sticky. So I need to do the face again, and maybe only use the coat under the make up and then in the end sealing the face up. I hope that does work. It if it's still sticky, I need to start over, and leave the coat alone. xD;

I used some pastel chalks in the lips and as eyeshadow. And I'm kind of glad I need to remake her face. That means I can do better job with it. :D

And so we come to the end of this first blog post. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! And all advices for doing make up are welcome! This is first time I repaint a vinyl doll, so that is pretty new material for me. I would be glad if someone would share me making tips, like what materials to use, and if the coat is a wrong way to go. :s