Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let's smile for camera together!


Valentine Star got a new head (Leeke World Luke), and I'm so happy. He is the only ABJ-doll which appereance and makeup I can change whenever I feel so. These are some of his pass looks:

 (DollZone Jina in 4 pictures, Drayton 2nd in the last one)

For the first makeup to the Luke-head I decided the color theme rainbow. Because I love colors and I love rainbows, and because he is Valentine. :D He had one rainbow-themed makeup at the year 2009:

And for the first time I did a sketch for the makeup:

I know the upper lip seems like drawed and it is (in the final doll makeup). I did it like last thing in the makeup, and when I tried to fix the black upper lip, some black color got stuck on the upper lip - and because light color versus black doesn't work, I had to change the plan. So I tried what would happen if I use some color pencils and that was the result.I don't know how I feel about the lower lip... but I think it someway matches for the rest of the makeup. :D

And here's some extra photos featuring my Cerberus Project Chiwoo, January (which color theme is gray):

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